The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: 
				Real Estate Investing The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course
Real Estate Investing, 2e

Jack Cummings
ISBN: 9780071740821 / 0071740821

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Introduction

Part I: How to Begin Your Successful Real Estate Investing Career

Chapter 1. A Sound Investment Strategies Begins with a Goal-Oriented Plan

Chapter 2. Fundamental Real Estate Terminology Made Easy

Chapter 3. Simplifying Real Estate Mathematics

Chapter 4. How to Maximize Your Benefits Through Local Officials

Chapter 5. How to Become an "Insider" to Real Estate Investing

Chapter 6. Become a Real Estate Expert in Your Area

Part II. How to Maximize Property Value

Chapter 7. Why Real Estate Values Rise and Fall and How to Take Advantage of Trends

Chapter 8. The Phrase "Location, Location, Location" is "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong"

Chapter 9. The Secret to Increases in Value is Zoning

Chapter 10. Dealing with Building Codes and Restrictions

Chapter 11. Discover the Magic of Economic Conversion to Maximize Value

Chapter 12. Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Increase Property Values

Part III. Finding the Best Property for You and How to Purchase It Right

Chapter 13. Seven Types of Real Estate You Should Consider Owning

Chapter 14. Develop Your Investment Comfort Zone to Ensure Success in Real Estate Investing

Chapter 15. Secrets of Getting the Inside Track to Real Estate Values and Trends

Chapter 16. How to Evaluate a Property Before You Buy It

Part IV. How You Buy Establishes How You Profit in Real Estate Investing

Chapter 17. Four Creative Buying Techniques

Chapter 18. Discover the Tax Free Benefit of a 1031 Exchange

Chapter 19. Making Offers and Counteroffers

Chapter 20. How to Find the Best Source of Financing for Your Investment

Chapter 21. Tips on Surviving Real Estate Problem Areas

The Real Estate Investor's VIP List